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At BRIM Agency, we keep it simple. We’re a team of forward-thinking marketers who exercise our minds and talents each day for one reason only:
to help you grow your business.

What we do


Our PPC specialists craft paid campaigns on the major search engines to bring your site qualified traffic, and fast.


There’s no need to game the system when following SEO best practices earns your site better visibility and leads.


Give your visitors the simple joy of navigating an intuitively designed website that clearly communicates your message.


Growing your business is all about connecting and communicating, making social media a valued component of our marketing toolbox.

How we do it


We start our process by gaining a clear understanding of your business and its needs to critically strategize a holistic campaign to address them.


PPC, SEO, web design, and social media march together toward the goal as in-house team members produce and manage the work for your campaign.

Analyze and repeat

Using top-notch reporting software and the best noggins in the business, key performance indicators and metrics are analyzed to identify successes and areas for improvement.

A taste of our work

stanford on ipad

Stanford University Center for Professional Development

Pay Per Click Case Study

Stanford wanted to drive more quality leads to their Center for Professional Development programs. They wanted to do so while maintaining a positive ROI. Stanford’s goals were simple: increase the total lead volume while lowering the cost per lead.

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