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Content Marketing For Leads

Content Marketing Tips For Generating Leads

Brands are starting to recognize the power that content marketing has in driving lead generation. With 93% of B2B brands and 90% of B2C brands using content marketing, almost all businesses are creating high quality

Image Use Best Practices

Image Use Best Practices For Online Marketers

Content is just as much about visual appeal as it is about the words surrounding them. While images and visual elements can help break text up and prevent the often intimidating large blocks of text,


Choosing KPIs for Different Industries & Setting up Goal Tracking in Google Analytics

Table of Contents Introduction What is a KPI? What Makes a KPI Different Than a Goal? What are Some Examples of KPIs? Setting Up KPIs as Goals in Google Analytics Resources   John Wanamaker, a


Link Detox 101: How to Remove Toxic Links From Your Backlink Profile

Have a feeling your site has been penalized? If your traffic and position in the SERPs is dwindling and you’re not sure why, it could be a penalty. To reclaim valuable web traffic and leads,


Welcome to BRIM Agency’s New Blog!

…not to mention our brand-spankin’-new website. We have been busy at work on our site and some exciting offerings for our clients, including an all-new content strategy, SEO reporting software, and more. New company name,