In Other News…Weekly Internet Marketing Recap – 7/04/2011 to 7/08/2011

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Here are a few articles that sparked interest in the Internet marketing community over the last week or so.



Social Media

  • Make Facebook Look Like Excel – Ha! Slackers work hard. (NOTE: to my boss, I swear I’m not using this tool… I actually am in Excel… incessantly… for work purposes….
  • Real Life GIFs – You have way too much time and/or money on your hands if you order this. Apparently you can get custom GIFs made in real life.
  • Best Time Of The Day To Tweet – All day! Ok, this is more researched than my methodology.
  • Identifying Niche Social Media – Some good advice on how to identify niche social media sites pertaining to your industry.


Alan Bush

Alan Bush

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