Internet Marketing Recap – 04-12-2012 to 04-20-2012

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Happenings in the SEO community make up the bulk of this recap. Here are a few articles you may have missed.


How authorship (and Google+) Will Change Link Building – Authorship is likely to be the future of link building as a whole. This is a great article explaining why.

Brin Touts Internet Freedom, But Faces FCC Fine – Google head honcho in the midst of controversy! Sergey Brin wants accessibility to data within Internet giants Facebook and Apple.

Google: Links Cannot Currently Hurt Rankings – Interesting emphasis on “currently.” This article states that by Google’s own admission, links won’t penalize sites.

Blekko’s Spiking Traffic 2012 – This harkens back to a post I wrote last year regarding Blekko. An interesting study that Blekko’s traffic has quadrupled since the beginning of the year which could be an indicator of improvements to Blekko’s index or dissatisfaction with Google.

8 Yahoo Products That May be on the Chopping Block – This author believes these 8 products will be on the chopping block from Yahoo. NOTE: Yahoo Directory is one of them!

Google Rich Snippet Testing Tool & Products Snippet Updates – Rich snippet testing tool allows HTML rather than the site going live. Also note that the product snippets will be global no matter where they are on the page.

24 Eye-Popping SEO Statistics – For the non-believers out there who still doubt SEO…these stats may shock you.


PPC vs. SEO – Again with this debate… Buying customers is the mantra of this article that focuses on PPC.

5 Tips To Get More Out of Your PPC Campaigns – A few basic tips to get more out of your PPC campaigns.

Content Writing

Jill Whalen on SEO – Jill Whalen discusses SEO past and present from a copywriter’s standpoint.

Social Media

How To Lose Twitter Followers – Tongue-in-cheek look at how best to (not) utilize Twitter for your Internet marketing.

LinkedIn Will Outlast Facebook – With Facebook’s recent billion-dollar acquisition of Instagram, this article predicts LinkedIn will outlive Facebook–the business aspect of LinkedIn is not subject to the lack of “cool” that Facebook faces.

Alan Bush

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  1. How can Google say that bad links cannot hurt rankings? That is what they have been saying for years and they have penalized tons of websites, even publicly.

    • Mike Shannon
      April 21st

      Google is saying that a link being devalued is different than a link carrying negative weight. A devalued link does hurts rankings because you lose that much weight but is different than one bad link negating out another good one. Also Google might manually punish a site (not just it’s links) if they see fit, sort of like where a site gets torched for being a thin affiliate or just having too much low quality content (Panda).

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