Win the Web Internet Marketing Podcast 092 – Facebook 5 Years Ago, CSS Zen Garden, and Local Search


In Episode 092 of Win the Web we recall the day that Facebook hit 100 million users and where Myspace was at that time. Our “Don’t Do It” segment shocks listeners with an app that literally shocks you, and the “Internet Marketing Superstar” of this episode is Facebook for ads that now include Shutterstock photos. This episode’s “Toolshed” segment features a web dev tool, CSS Zen Garden, that features a database of style sheets that are used to change the visual presentation of a single HTML file, producing hundreds of different designs.

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  • Welcome and Updates (0:00)
  • Beginning of Time… 5 Years Ago – Facebook Hits 100 Million Active Users (8:50)
  • Don’t Do It –  An App That Shocks You.  No, Literally.  (13:50)
  • Internet Marketing Superstars – Facebook Ads Now Include Shutterstock Photos (18:51)
  • The Toolshed –  CSS Zen Garden (23:18)
  • The Brainstorm – The Local Search Ecosystem (29:02)

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Andrew Germer

Andrew Germer

Director of Marketing
Andrew Germer is the Director of Social Media and is responsible for carrying out social campaigns and overseeing general marketing efforts.

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