Win the Web Internet Marketing Podcast 093 – Bing Shopping,, and Not-a-Lawyer Matt


In Episode 093 of Win the Web features a special case study explaining why you shouldn’t buy cheap links, as well as a web analytics tool that shows you site traffic in real time. The “Internet Marketing Superstar” segment features Bing for moving shopping results to SERPs. We conclude with a “Brainstorm” interview with Not-a-Lawyer Matt.

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  • Welcome and Updates (0:00)
  • Search Results May Vary – Not Provided Surprises in Google (5:11)
  • Don’t Do It –  Buying $5 Links: A Case Study  (8:33)
  • Internet Marketing Superstars – Bing Moves Shopping Results to SERPs (12:50)
  • The Toolshed – Web Analytics (19:02)
  • The Brainstorm – Interview with Not-a-Lawyer Matt (25:48)

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Andrew Germer

Andrew Germer

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Andrew Germer is the Director of Social Media and is responsible for carrying out social campaigns and overseeing general marketing efforts.

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