Win the Web Internet Marketing Podcast 096 – Timely Content Marketing,, and Dangerous SEO Signals


In episode 096 of Win the Web we advise users to not mess with history on Twitter and offer tips on creating timely branded infographics. The “Toolshed” segment features, a social promotions and contests service, and the “Brainstorm” segment explains four simple but dangerous signals to search engines.

Click the link above or listen right here:

  • Welcome and Updates (0:00)
  • Don’t Do It –  Don’t Mess With History via Twitter (10:58)
  • Internet Marketing Superstars – A Timely, Branded Infographic (17:26)
  • The Toolshed – Social Promotions and Contests (29:48)
  • The Brainstorm –  4 Simple but Dangerous Signals to Search Engines (38:40)

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Andrew Germer

Andrew Germer

Director of Marketing
Andrew Germer is the Director of Social Media and is responsible for carrying out social campaigns and overseeing general marketing efforts.

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