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Social media marketing has been part of the digital chatter for years with increasing interest growing daily. Every brand that didn’t see the value in social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube, now realize it is a necessary component of a successful integrated digital marketing strategy.

  • "Through the use of Social Media Marketing and direct response suggestions, we have increased our ability to track the success of our Internet Marketing, helping with our overall business. Best Rank is consistently responsive to our needs and provides a high level of commitment to our success.”
    — Gary Garcia Coles Fine Flooring

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Social Media Marketing Services

Social Contests, Sweepstakes, and Promotions

Social contests, sweepstakes, and promotions are a great way to engage customers, earn Likes, and build a following. Brands that engage in this type of activity can experience growth of over 275% according to some studies. BRIM has a dedicated team of professionals who research to find your target audience and build campaigns on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, all while leveraging proprietary software to tie it all together.

Ongoing Brand Management

The Internet is alive and moving 24/7, and that means customers are talking about your brand around the clock. These conversations can either be good or bad, and regardless of the sentiment, someone must be there to respond. BRIM’s communication experts respond to customers and also create ongoing conversations with your target audience.

Paid Social Media Ads

Social media advertising allows your brand to reach a specific type of qualified individual with the ability to target advertisements by demographic, location, interests, “Likes,” and more. If useful information about your most valuable customers is a powerful marketing tool, then social media is the ultimate hardware store. Social media ads allow you to harness data like demographics, interests, locations, and more to effectively reach specific audiences, strengthen brand following, and engage prospective customers. Our team can help you leverage paid ads on social media channels to drive targeted traffic to your site and new customers to your business.

Social Media Consulting

Sometimes a brand requires a unique voice that can only be reflected and communicated by someone within your team. That’s a great situation to be in and you are not alone. BRIM works with many brands that just need some strategic guidance to get the most from their social media marketing efforts. We love crafting social media marketing plans that involve Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more to get customers buzzing and engaging with your brand.

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