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Our team has years of experience in both design and development. We’ve completed well over 100 site builds and many smaller design and development projects since opening our doors in 2007.

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Website design and development has evolved dramatically over the last decade. Websites are no longer restricted to desktop computers or laptops. Users are now able to access your website anywhere and universally on devices like smartphones or tablets. That means you need a website that is built to captivate customers instantly.

  • "BRIM did an excellent job of interpreting what was needed (with our web development project), brainstorming the best possible solutions, being inventive in their approach to complex issues and staying on track as the project progressed. In my experience, they are so much more than web developers they are electronic solution providers, net innovators, but more importantly an extremely valuable resource."
    — Debra Engolia Erchonia Corporation

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Website Development Process

Website Planning

The website planning process starts the second our team receives information about your project. A call will be scheduled so you can speak with our dedicated in-house team so we better understand your business and the specific goals of your website.

Website Design

The outcome of our in-depth website planning is an intuitive design that clearly conveys your message. BRIM works with you to create concepts that not only reflect your brand but also ensure that customers perform the right actions that align with your goals.

Website Development

It is during website development that the approved design comes to life. Our team makes development decisions based on the goal of your site with your target visitors in mind. Our specialists develop both regular and e-commerce sites on popular platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Magento.

Website Q&A

There is nothing more frustrating than browsing a website and finding countless errors. These errors are generally typos or functionality errors that hinder your ability to perform the desired outcome. BRIM’s web development team spends hours poring over your site to ensure there are absolutely no errors before launching.

Client Website Review

Before any website goes live and after our team reviews it, you review the work and give the final go-ahead to launch. We want to ensure that what was planned initially is 100% fulfilled. We want the design to be spot-on and the website to perform exactly as desired.

Website Launch

This is the most exciting time in the web development process because you get to see the project functioning in a live web environment just as everyone else in the world has the ability to. BRIM will be with you post-launch to ensure there are no glitches in the process. Once the site is 100% perfect, our team will train you so you can start putting your new website to use. Let the leads start pouring in!

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